URBAN TRAIN | José Gutiérrez

The Urban Train project is one that begins with a personal interest of knowing how a system like this will function in a place where the idea is a totaly new one. The focus of this project is documenting all of the stations from an architectonic and spacial point of view. Being this the first project of its kind in Puerto Rico my curiosity led me to explore these spaces not only as a customer but as a photographer as well. My first impression was pretty shocking due to the fact that I’m used to ride the “NYC Subway” and to live in a city so crowded. Finding this platforms and stations practically empty was very intresting to me and made me see this project in another light. I decided to photograph these spaces empty and show them to the spectators in a perspective not common to them, that without a doubt caused very different reactions amongst them, actual “Urban Train” customers that when presented with the images could not situate themselves in spaces that they’ve been in so many times without asking themselves or asking me, ¿Where is this? ¿In what country?. These reinforces the concept that every eye sees something different even though we’re looking at the same thing and how the spaces that surround us can be so familiar to some and so out of this world to others.
This project could not have materialized without the support of “La Autoridad de Transporte Integrado de Puerto Rico” and the people that granted me this special permit to execute these images. Thank You.



Color print on Epson Pro paper
Polptych of 12
Edition of 12 + 1 Edition Proof + 1 Exhibition Copy
12 by 12 inches each


Since the early 90’s my passion for photography has developed in many ways and forms. In a beginning my focus was primarily towards nature and the elements within, little by little I got more interested in documenting cultures, social issues and the surroundings commonly encountered within this themes and that’s when I started exploring spaces and structures. Even though these can all be themes so distant and with so little to do to so many, for me this has been a very natural evolution. I think that without noticing I started photographing everything that cached my eye in a sequential mode, from a natural landscape to a man made space, but always maintaining a very direct and raw focus in the reality that touches us all. Definitely my road in photography has been guided by the passion I feel about my subjects, what I see, touch and explore. Up to this day I keep photographing nature, cultures, people, spaces and structures, I never get tired of it. I’m very fortunate of being able to make off mypassion my work.

Education: 1999-2003 Rockport College Cuba Campus - Cultural Landscape, National Geographic Instructor, Len Jenshel; Rockport College Maine Campus - Natinal Geographic Assignment, National Geographic Instructor, Jim Blair; Rockport College Maine Campus - Architectural Photography, Instructor,Norman McGrath. 1992-1994 Centro Fotografico del Caribe. Exhibitions: 2009 Art Shanghai, China. 2008 Bronx Museum, New York, Bronx Biennial; Galeria Viota, Puerto Rico, Artst Collective, 20th Anniversary. 2006 Galeria Viota, Puerto Rico, Artist Collective, Summer Collective. 2005 Galeria Viota, Puerto Rico, Solo Exhibiton, Tibet. 2004 Galeria Viota, Puerto Rico, Artist Collective, Reapertura. 2003 Rockport College, Maine, Student Collective;  Galeria Viota, Puerto Rico, Solo Exhibition, Portraits of Cuba. 2001 Rockport College, Maine, Student Collective; 2000 Instituto de Cultura, Puerto Rico, Biennial; 1999 Convento Santa Clara, Cuba, Student Collective