Los Angeles , CA, USA , 1957

He studied in the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree 1979 His group exhibitions include: Ignore the Dents. A Micro Urban Opera, commissioned by Peter Sellars for the Los Angeles Festival 1990, Museum Tags. Second Movement,

Object performance for The Whitney Museum of American Art Bienal 1993 and COLA Exhibition at the UCLA Hammer Museum 2000 Important among his solo exhibitions are: Peoples of Los Angeles, Installation and experimental Holographic films at the Olympic Arts Festival. USC Atelier 1984, The Lure of  Perfection, three room installations at The Project, Harlem, NY 1999 and God Made Me Do It {I Suppose You Know What You Are Doing, but I Wonder if  You Know What It Means} at the Orchard Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland 2000 Among other grants, he was awarded the Flintridge Foundation Individual Artist  Fellowship 2000 and an endowment from the Norton Family Foundation, Los Angeles 1999-2000, He was nominated for the Teaching Excellency Award by The School of the Arts of the University of  California, Irving 1998. Martinez Participates regularly in forums and lectures.