Displacement Line

22.09.2011 - 01.11.2011

Image| EDS | GALERÍA is pleased to introduce MAURICIO ESQUIVEL (El Salvador, 1983-) as a new represented Artist, who has been granted by CONACULTA and has made an Artistic Residency in Mexico during a year, so this is a great time to show his first solo show, which features a group of works that come from his multidisciplinary conceptual project “Displacement Line” that arises from Mauricio Esquivel’ interest into the currency coins as an object for exchange that relates to the history of each country. For the production of the works, he uses the science of numismatics as a criterion for the documentation, its values such as sculptural, craft or industrial and its possible alterations, the symbolic content of the coins is modified according to historical research. The exhibition presents a group of eleven works in different media, among which stands the beautiful, social-political installation "Mexico" made with approximately 450 eagles taken from the quarter dollar.

MAURICIO ESQUIVEL (El Salvador, 1983-)
From Displacement Line
Hand-cut eagles taken from 450 quarter dollar coins
Edition of 3 + 2AP
210 x 340 cm
Wall: 310 x 440 cm

But what is beauty?
A mere convention, — A coin made current by time and place.
Henrik Ibsen

... "The formal resource is currently the last of the decisions regarding the work of art. However, although this premise is constant in the proposal of many artists, sometimes, they found in the "concrete object" motivation: a research resource itself. This is one of the main features that has much of the production of Mauricio Esquivel (El Salvador, 1983), who has become a “currency (coin)” not only in the media of his work, but in the most ironic symbolic "capital". () Although it has used other formal areas, is his “Displacement line” series, proposals from the quarter dollar currency coin, which has allowed him to shape some type of formal certainty. This kind of certainty, may come from the preconceived concrete object and by the culture, does not limit its ability to comment about other “formal” art structures. So beyond the “objectual” dynamic, the works of this series by Mauricio Esquivel also imposed from the drawing as conceptual rhetoric."

Astiasarán, Clara (Havana, Cuba 1973 -). Parable of Gide. Mauricio Esquivel:
another counterfeiter.


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