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The map is not the territory

I think that
the artist, instead of concentrating on his independent
and non-conformist genius, should admit that
his works are actually nothing but isolated, temporary
designs or expressive spots on the wall and
that all the rest is vanity, propaganda or business.
Mathias Goeritz, Art is dead!, Leonardo, Vol. 1, No. 2 April 1968, p. 220


Alfred Korzybski said it and the idea was presented by Magritte in “Ceci n'est pas une pipe”: a representation comes out of something, it is a reaction, an experience; therefore not the thing itself. The Map Is Not the Territory, but represents trajectories, visions of that which is outside, observed and processed by our senses, emotions and brain. It is not the territory but a way of looking at it, juxtaposing and shaping its paths.
From one’s subjective point view, different perceptions are created, as each mind it’s a universe of emotions, beliefs, dreams and idiosyncracy.
We decode and represent the world so that our perception creates maps…of maps on top of maps, in the finite temporality of what seems infinite.
Urban is the result of a fascination for being pedestrian in the urban landscape; from the interest in the structures that allow thousands of people to share tracks. The visual references are: Latin American Geometric Abstraction, the generation of La Ruptura, the urban utopia of Mondrian and the Asian aesthetic influence in Ad Reinhardt´s paintings. The strategy of the project comes from an appropriation (readymade), as well as the artist as an editor, during the area of media proliferation, of the never-ending flow of data.
The idea came up while living in China, where construction is so fast that the map is never able to keep up with the urban expansion, as well as the perception of public transportation as a circulatory system or circuits of a microchip.


Sandra Valenzuela, 2012



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