Distant Convergences
Group exhibition



A group exhibition of Mexican artists linked through oppositional and convergent approaches towards abstraction, philosophy and the everyday, through their use of art historical and popular culture references. The group show includes around 20 art works in diferent media, mainly bidimensional, as well as video and sculpture. The exhibition will last until May 2014.



TERESA SERRANO (Mexico City, 1936-) The work  “Lesser Black” is part of her 2009 project regarding Barack Obama. Stemming form the racial and fascist troubles, the purity of the white race has always been a concern that has lead humanity to heinous crimes. It is interesting that ALL the newspapers in the world without excpetion said the United States put the First Black President in the seat of power. Barak Obama is not black, his mother is white and his father is black, therefore he is a Mulato. The matter is that if it is due to the same reason as always that the white person carries out a discrimination act by not recognizing his paternity (white blood) in the son whose blood is half black.


Teresa Serrano, is currently presenting a video retrospective exhibition at ARTIUM Centro-Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria, España, from February to April 2014. She is participating in the Biennial of Cartegena directed by Berta Sichel in Cartegena, Colombia and in Arte Video Night at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France.


BEATRIZ DIAZ (Mexico City, 1978-) Stemming from her Geographica series, --- made up by different imaginary landscapes created from photographs of National Geographic magazines from her parents’ collection- Beatriz wants to capture the landscape that exists in the collective subconscious and in the imagination or memory of a not too distant past. She uses digitally manipulated images for that end, to turn them into places that only exist in the imagination of the observer, thus they solve different matters, among them, the wide diversity of our own perceptions, the tension between the past and the present, the bond between the usual and the unknown, and of course, the confusion between fantasy and reality. In the photographs that are shown, Díaz forces us before almost completely white images, to tune our perception of light, to complete with our imagination the barely suggested evanescent landscapes.


SANDRA VALENZUELA (Mexico City, 1980-) The work that is presented consists of embroidered phrases with white thread over white canvas known as White lies, and those made over black canvas with black thread are known as Black truths. While White lies represent social coexistence of lying to avoid offending others; Black truths represent the private self that can allow itself to think autonomously and in the freedom existing beyond censorship. With Sandra’s use of language and color, she links emotions and human behaviors by creating relationships among the present, social beliefs and art history; when she mixes monochromatic canvases, a common resource in abstract art, and language in conceptual art, she refers to the ongoing negotiation that happens within us between the social and private spheres, such as a yin-yang maintaining a balance between the public and the individual worlds.


GEORGINA BRINGAS (Mexico City, 1975-) She is the recently produced work Composición con Magnitudes (Magnitudes with Composition), 2013, made up of 10 meters on plaster; as well as  “Desarrollo Central y “Desarrollo Vertical” (Central Development and Vertical Development).  Her work integrates from her artistic practice, a physical approximation of space, distance and time. She uses for that elements, and quantitative values through calculations, units and instruments related to concepts and measurement systems, where through numerical comparisons, she establishes a delicate balance between her own sensorial and intuitive artistic experience and the measurement and registration systems that make the world go round and act as rational extensions of the limitations and impositions that govern the political, economic and social orders. One of the fundamental aspects these concerns deal with is our hurried measurement of time due to work responsibilities; Georgina synthetizes this perception in her work Todos los Minutos de Hoy (All of Today’s Minutes), 2010: an encyclopedia of daily time, that through 24 volumes, gathers 60 drawings of each one of the hours and minutes of the day, of a hand clock.

ADRIAN GUERRERO (Mexico City, 1975-) carries out a reflection that goes beyond the interaction of aesthetics, mathematics and science, to delve deeper into the philosophical aspects of the human mind. Soportes (2012), sculptures made in lacquered wood with a medium format, a tridimensional space, and the trigonal adaptation he already uses in his drawings and paintings. Adrián Guerrero, who has explored a great diversity of materials and techniques, stems, from this series, a subtle reflection on the counterpoint between the abstract aspects of the human mind and its own physical materiality, among the scopes and limits of the rational processes and the latent knowledge in our senses and sensations.


VARGAS-SUAREZ UNIVERSAL (Mexico City, 1972-) is a well-known artist in the United States whose work moves between artistic and scientific planes. A student of art history as well as astronomy, his work moves between what is known to man and what is about to be known, between the microscopic in technology and the extensive universe, from what is distant in the stars and what is near our planet, between phenomena that happen at an astonishing speed and the timeless and eternal. Vargas Suarez Universal, when tracing from the standpoint of art the maps of the universe or technological language, evokes the humanist sense of all science and the reflexive and rational of all art. Examples of this are the paintings shown on this occasion, where he fuses the astronomic measurement systems with the tradition of geometric abstract painting, and which achieve a delicate balance between scientific objectivity and artistic intuition.
Vargas-Suarez Universal is currently participating in the exhibit "Critical Utopias: The Art of Futurismo Latino", at the Sweeney Art Gallery of the University of California, which will travel throughout the United States. 



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