Beatriz Díaz - Vargas-Suarez Universal - Sandra Valenzuela - Teresa Serrano - Adrian Guerrero - Georgina Bringas


Everything that enters into the visual field of a person, when setting from a certain point, is called landscape. “Landscape” for the art, specially the painting, is a key word. Today in the different devices of image creation regarding the concept of the landscape, we found a diverse criteria and multiple kind of landscapes or visual fields  that are the result of this show that includes the works by the represented artists.
Urban by Sandra Valenzuela, is a series that links abstract painting with urbanism and digital illustration. It represents the way in which cities can be seen as circuits of a microchip, a circulatory system, vectors or highways.
The abstract landscapes of Vargas-Suarez Universal crystalize a reflective and cultured poetic of these worlds of popular culture that were not alien to modern art: precisely those topics of the universe and energy vibrations that moved many poetic marches of the 20th century artists and who were the Latin American creators that enriched this symbolic network between technology, the idea of the near future and the abstraction to which Vargas-Suarez Universal is added from our times in a diaphanous, authentic and overall intensely original manner. (Palacios, Carlos E.  2015).
Perpetual possibility by Adrian Guerrero, we are before pieces that question us through inserting images in a traditional religious format: the triptych. It suggests temporal substance as spiritual matter. (López Vergara Newton, Juan Rafael 2013)
Beatriz Diaz features two works from Geographica and At 5 o’clock, both are natural landscape traditional images, natural, ideal, beautiful by themselves. The Landscape plays as the main source of interest in most proposals by the artist, whose media is the formal photography.
“Untitled (Octvio Pz)” by Teresa Serrano plays as one of the key works from "Visual Fields” show, since it is a “text-work”; what surrounds us, we read and it translates into landscapes, conceptual narratives composed departing from personal definitions. The work “Vanishing Gardens” 2001 is a portable garden! The Garden has been a place of utopia into a City, a microcosm. The work is a little portable garden into a hard suitcase, so one can take it to travel all the way and every-way and open it up at the final destination.
Georgina Bringas series “Trayectos de mínimo recorrido” (Journeys of minimum distance) departs of a plan to build landscapes through formal elements, such as color, distance and shape. By using a certain amount of cotton inside the picture, alludes to walk and travel distances through the material contained in each piece.

The show will last until April 2nd, 2016.



Urban X-Ray, 2012, Mexico City, Munich, Cologne and Seoul, C-Print, 60 x 40 cm each


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