SPERRMÜLL | Eugenia Gudiño

(According to my German-English dictionary)
Sperren:  to block, to obstruct.
Müll: garbage
There is a different kind of trash, one which does not fit inside any can; in Germany it is called Sperrmüll and there is a specific order to throw it away. People keep it and storage it inside their homes, basements and attics until the day comes -twice a year- when they are able to take it out and wait for the garbage truck to come and take it far away.
From a deep attachment to those alien objects, pieces of homes, fragments of stories spread all over the streets, with names I could not possibly pronounce, came up this photo serie. Objects which only function ended up to be to be in the way, to occupy space; obsolete objects which had lost their usefulness or others which had never have one at all. Those orphaned objects with no roots yet, in front of my camera, could be something else, something more than garbage: a home for a foreigner so lost in that language, as lost as a vocal among that many consonants.


Piezography color print on Epson Pro paper
Polptych of 12
Edition of 12 + 1 Edition Proof + 1 Exhibition Copy
12 by 12 inches each

The issue about landscape is a matter of distance. We gaze at it from far away.  Landscape comes to us, but we cannot go to it. On the contrary, it is necessary to view landscape from a distance. Such is a photo. Two distances are needed: the one the camera creates between the photographer and the world, and the other which is created by time.
I began my work from a  feeling of longing for a place I never went back to, a place I could never go back to because it only exists –like a photo-suspended between desire and memory.  In order to talk about this distance I have used landscape, trip and house as three motifs repeated all throughout my work. And, paradoxically, I have used photography as my approaching tool to the world to recognize myself in what is alien to me and to take roots during a constant journey. Maybe that’s the reason I can never stop taking pictures.

Eugenia Gudiño was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1981. Since 1996 she tried different artistic expressions, such as drama and sculpture. In 2001 she began her studies at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía and a year later she entered the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado (National School for Painting, Sculpture and Engraving) “La Esmeralda” where studied to get a degree in Fine Arts and took  photo workshops with Yolanda Andrade, Mariana Gruener, Naim Rahal and Emiliano Garcia Canal. In 2006 she won a six-month German scholarship to study at the Fine Arts School in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Since 2007 she has had collective exhibitions in Germany and in Mexico. In México City she exhibited at the Alliance Francaise and the Polyforum Siqueiros as  a Farenheit Photo Competition finalist, at “La Esmeralda” Gallery and the Casino Metropolitano; as well as at the Centro de Artes Visuales in Yucatán. She has had solo exhibitions in Chihuahua and Saltillo, México.
In 2008 she studied for a certificate in Cinematography at GOLEM Producciones and took documentary photo courses at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City with Gian Paolo Minelli, Susana Pastor, Juan Travnik, Oriana Elizalde and Iata Cannabrava. In 2009 she acquired a year grant from the Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Chihuahua (Chihuahua State Fund for Culture and Arts)
She lives and works in México City.