Is a photographic project, that came from sculptural works with one or several objects that suggest a revision of the universal culture. Hundreds of elastic leagues are set in the objects, interlacing their qualities and compressing the matter that forms them. They became objects with characteristics different from the vision of the original piece. Thus this proposal that forces to visualize and to understand the piece from two aspects. On the one hand, the assembled vision of the three-dimensional world from the physical pieces, material figures by means of elastic elements; and on the other hand, the photography like a unique and singular point of view, when appreciating objects that are perceived static (analogous the gravity like other universal forces, that exerts pressure-tension in all the bodies of the universe). The pieces indicate to the physical edges in a double game between idea and perception. The ephemeral nature of the works as well as their temporary condition, raise the execution like part of a transformation.


Gliceé color print on Epson Pro paper with a margin of 1.5 mm inside polypropylene cover,
plus printed texts on acid-free paper inside a black leather box
Polptych of 12
Edition of 12 + 1 Edition Proof + 1 Exhibition Copy
12 by 12 inches each


I explore the hibridization between technology and representation, the preoccupation for the creative mechanical processes in the art, supplanting to the ‘robot’, by taking its position. The pieces are conceived to be made of mechanical way and other people’s personal experience, nevertheless, the emotions end up colonizing the position returning to the Human field. I interpret the creation of lines and its excessive proliferation in all variants and textures.

Sergio Nates (1965-). Master in Restoration of Architectural Monuments, UNAM School of Industrial Design graduated with honors by the UNUM; Visual Arts Seminar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mexico. International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, NY, USA. Solo Exhibitions: 2009 Pressure Tension, EDS GALERIA, Mexico City; 2007 Gallery Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC,
Canada, 2005 Imagenes Mentales, International Airport, ASA Mexico City, Mexico City, 2004 Segmentos de control y estaciones terrestres, La Estancia (Condesa), Mexico City, 2003 Imagenes mentales, Mix-Artmyrys, Toulouse, France; 2002 Imagenes Mentales, Galeria Luis Escobar, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Group Exhibitions: 2006 Installation “Migrantes” within the frame of ESTACIONARTE 06. Mexico City; Selection “Human Not Human” Antimatter Underground Film Festival Victoria, Canada 2005 Mextilo 1920-2005, “Human Not Human”, FotoSeptiembre, Galería Central, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, Official Selection of 18. Dallas Video Festival, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Theater Center Latin Art Exhibition, Latinarte-Latino, Dallas, Texas; Collective magazine Pic Nic, Garash Galeria, Mexico City; 2004 Collective Mural Project. SCT Palacio Postal, Mexico City; Collective, Casa San Rafael Mexico D, F; Collective Mexico in La Haya, Netherlands Martin van Boven, 2003 Exhibition and Auction 2003, Museo de Arte Moderno Carlos Merida, Ciudad de Guatemala, 2002 Bloqueos, Santiago, Cuba 2001 Por donde salta la libre. Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico.