SOUND OF THE SEA| Carlos Jurado

SOUND OF THE SEA. In the coldness of night, even a ten thousand miles journey begins with a simple step...”An old Chinese proverb relates us, and that’s exactly the way my night journey into the aggressive waves of the sea started, with a simple lonely step. The marks of those footsteps that were graved into the gently sand as the same as on the gelid white snow now are gone, but the natural beauty that I have been fortunate to contemplate every night, staying alone in the seashore, will live forever, its just a matter of time, you only need to wait, and observe instead that just see...In this photographic work, I try to present an imaginary trip from dawn to dusk, a spiritual voyage from the nocturnal darkness to the heavenly dawn light. I believe the search of the light will be always the beginning and reason for every human journey.The night where the light is the main element and as the same time seems do not exist, the searching for that source of energy was and still is the reason of my ten thousand miles journey. The whispering waves, the chant of the whales and even the creepy sound of the winter snow falling into the agitated sea, made me found the harmony and melody of the natural music. Just as the night do not lack of light, as many believe, the sound of the sea waves do not lack of aphony, that wonderful empty notes that fill with mystery and calm, that what I call “The silent water”. I invite you all to listen and observe the mutest sounds of the sea, just stay with the coldness of night.



C-Print on traditional Japanese paper Kyokushi (Pictran Inc. Japan)
with a margin of 1.5 mm inside polypropylene cover,
plus printed texts on acid-free paper inside a black leather box
Polptych of 12
Edition of 12 + 1 Edition Proof + 1 Exhibition Copy
12 by 12 inches each



Artist statement
Since childhood my life has been surrounded by art, in specific of music. The love to the scores was the reason why I submerged in its study and composition. Although at present my life is not ligature to its execution, I am convinced that it was thanks to music that I could find my true passion. Without a doubt the creation and artistic expression that leaves from the bottom of the soul. The ways to choose are numerous, some times even confusing. But I believe sincerely that the music was and still is, the beautiful bridge that lead to me until my present route, the true link between my thoughts and their materialization. More than a photographer I consider myself as a lover of the sounds of the nature and in my attempt to shape them as much, in the memory as in the paper, It was how that I found photography; that for me it is the most effective means to transcribe those sounds into images. I present my work like an abstract symphony, where the sounds of cellos and violins get mix and fusion with lakes in shape of Japanese biwas, like with the percussions of teponaztliz into the rustic forests of my native land. Although now my ears are far from the rumor of the waves and the cry of the birds, I can listen and observe them not just only from the bottom of my soul, Because they have been captured not only in my memory, but also into the Silver gelatin and I can found them again every time that I put my eyes in which it is my own personal score.

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